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Chantel Prince with hair flying in wind

Meet Chantel Prince

Business Consultant & Coach born to Organize, Systematize and Stabilize Your Growing Business

I've been an Online Business Manager, Consultant and Coach since 2016 and know the ins and outs of how to run a multi-six figure business, mine and my clients, without working yourself silly.

If you want security knowing that if your client base doubled overnight, that your business would thrive instead of break.

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My Clients Refer to me as their Unicorn...

I do 3 things seamlessly together; personalized consulting, coaching AND implementation. I believe it's the best way to stabilize a business.

My 5 Part Process to Get You Out Of The Weeds Permanently!



I need to evaluate what's going on, what's important to you, who you are and where you want to go, who's on your team, what roles are being filled and what the gaps are. I have the unique ability to see things others don't see and I see them quickly. I know what a well-oiled business looks like and where the screws are loose, parts are missing or team members need to be.



We put our heads together, discuss the evaluation and I share my experiences first hand in the coaching and small business industry. I've been a shoulder to cry on, a hand to high five and an ear that is always listening. I get you because I'm like you. A dreamer and an expansive thinker, so I know how to create systems that make sense and work for you.



I'm a planner. But not that rigid planner that gives you an itinerary with no down time (we all know THOSE people). I create flexible, measurable, doable plans with realistic goals where everyone knows what they are responsible for and how they can make it happen simply. And if nothing goes to plan, and our backup fails, then I have my handy dandy intuition.



This is going to be your favorite part where you just sit back and watch the systems come together, the templates and organization appear and your time open up. During this phase, we may adjust the plan, update the vision, simplify further. This is why I don't hire someone else to do this part. I need to be in it to develop the best system I can for you, so that you can scale.



After I implement, it's time for you to implement your new business structure into that big beautiful brain of yours. You being the CEO and trusting your team to run it smoothly. I'll keep you on track so that you don't fall back into old destructive patterns. With my ongoing support, you will grow into who you need to be to run your one-of-a-kind, life-changing business.

If you want security knowing your client base could double overnight and your business would thrive instead of break...


My name is Chantel Prince

I started off as a Virtual Assistant, then I took the reigns and turned my role into a Business Manager. Since opening my business in 2015, I went from 2 clients my first month to 19 in less than 4 months. 

Since then, I've ran 15+ live events, over half of those out of country, countless virtual events, facilitated workshops, trainings, hired teams, managed teams, fired teams, sold $100,000+ in direct sales for clients (aka me having a 1:1 conversation with client leads), recovered thousands from unpaid accounts, built and ran my own group coaching program and coached clients 1:1 on confidence and business. 

I'm a mom, a wife and a best friend to many friends and businesses. Who knows, maybe your business and I could be best friends too. 

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If you are tired of doing allllllll the things and you want sleep, vacations and reliable help, then it's time for us to talk.

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