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Calling all coaches, experts, online entrepreneurs and business owners:

Get Off The “Tech Hamster Wheel”
And Finally Figure Out This Tech Stuff,
Once And For All

Get personalized guidance from an Expert VA turned Business Strategist to breakthrough your tech hassles so you can get laser focused on actually growing your business

Are you a coach, expert, or online entrepreneur who struggles with tech?

Get Off The “Tech Hamster Wheel”
And Finally Get Your Tech Dialed In,
Once And For All

Personalized guidance from an Expert VA turned Business Strategist to breakthrough your tech hassles so you can get laser focused on actually growing your business

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

"Trying to figure out all of the tech pieces just to get my message out is exhausting!"

We’ve all been there. When we’re new to the online business world, it’s like we’re hit with a tsunami of information.


The hot new productivity tools. Flavor of the day online marketing tactics. Funnels. Facebook pages. Chatbots. On and on and on, an endless list of stuff that all seems important.

So we end up feeling lost. Confused. Spinning our wheels and wondering things like…

"I know I have options, but I don't know what's best for me..."

And here’s the biggest issue. Beyond the substantial emotional, energy-sapping effects of all this, there are the real hard numbers…

Think about it:

Dollar Bill in Jar

 As an entrepreneur, your time should be worth at least $100/hour 

Tech Watch

If you spin your wheels for 2hrs/week, that = 104hrs a year...

That Means Unless Something Changes, You’re On Track To Waste $10,400+ On All This Tech Stuff

Which is a conservative estimate, considering that many of my clients threw away countless hours each week on tech before working with me.

Time wasted on tech (1).png

You can see that if tech consumes an increasingly large chunk of our week (which it usually does without us even realizing it), we could end up wasting $78,000 every. single. year.


And that’s before we factor in the sometimes exorbitant fees of all the apps and software that the ‘gurus’ want you to use, which you pay for monthly, whether you use them or not…


Plus, if you get help from a VA but ask them to do the wrong things (or keep changing your mind and switching platforms because something didn’t have what you wanted), you’ll spend thousands more paying for their time as well.


All this adds up to some major money. Money that isn’t used productively to actually grow your business and improve your lifestyle.


And if we keep letting tech get in our way, each year is like the last. The same mistake made over and over.

Don’t let tech hold you back from having a thriving business this year.

If you’re wasting time futzing with tech, trying to learn all the new pieces of software, you’re not actually doing the important work of serving clients and customers. You’re not doing the more important work of growing your business.


Instead, tech is blocking your way to building a thriving business.


Now, if all of this is ringing true for you, then here’s what I recommend:

Give Me Just 90 Minutes, And I’ll Save You Tens of Thousands of Dollars PLUS Help You Avoid Countless Hours Wasted On Frustrating Tech.

If you're ready to...

✔ Hear from someone who's 'been there, used that', and knows what path to lead you down so you don't make a wrong turn

✔ Finally understand what tech you need now and why you need it

✔ Stop thinking and fretting about how everything is going to work together

✔ Know who you need on your team now and what their supposed to actually be doing


✔ Get a crystal clear vision of where you're going and what tech you will need in the future to support your growing business

✔ Dive in to a step-by-step action plan to get it together

Then it's time we talk!

Meet Chantel

Expert VA turned Business Manger, Chantel Prince currently serves several multi-six figure business Coaches by leading their teams and keeping up with an ever changing tech industry. She has been immersed in Coaching, Consulting & Training for the last 12 years. Her services are in such high demand that she no longer takes on Business Management clients, so this opportunity to work with her one-on-one in this capacity is truly rare.

Confident Woman 2018-1.JPG


The Tech Breakthrough Session

Your Personalized Tech Roadmap Tailored
To YOUR Unique Business Goals

In this powerful, 90-minute session, you'll walk away with...

✔ Your biggest tech questions answered by a true tech expert

✔ A customized breakdown of what tech you need right now and in future and most importantly what you don't so that you save your hard earned money and loads of time (this is different for each and every business - cookie cutter doesn't cut it)

✔ A step by step action plan of who to hire, how to hire them and when so that you can start focusing on the growth of your business, not all the nuts and bolts.

This is your ultimate answer to the question, “What ____ should I use?”

Only $400


VA Freedom Strategy Add-On Session FREE (Valued at $197)

  • Get my 'Hiring the Perfect VA' Template to ensure you get exactly what you're looking for. This will save you hours of weeding through resumes and conducting disappointing interviews.

  • Access to my super secret and coveted referral network. I've worked with a lot of VA's and tech people in the coaching world and let me tell you... they aren't all that! If I know of the perfect fit for your team, I'll introduce you keeping you from hiring mishaps and disasters.

  • The biggest complaint I hear from clients is 'my VA doesn't get it, they don't understand what I need'. I hear you and I've got the solution. I'll give you the communication tools you need to avoid those communication errors so you can get things done the way you want the first time, every time!

30-Day "Tech Clarity" Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t feel like you have a clear roadmap to overcoming your tech challenges this year, just let her know and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund.

Katrina Shallahamer.jpg

Katrina Shallahamer 
Co-Owner of Orapub

I have to say that my VA I hired, with your expert help, has exceeded my expectations. She has been amazing. She has literally taken over ALL of our social media. I have literally felt a very heavy burden lifted. Thanks again for creating this success story for me.

Jenn headshot.jpg

Jenn Mayers
Coach & Copywriter

Before I started working with Chantel, I felt like I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I had big ideas and knew what I wanted to do, but because I was a one woman show, my business only grew when I was working in it. I've been able to take months off to travel Europe and focus on only the parts of my business that I love best. I wouldn't want anyone else leading my team. Chantel is the BEST!


Regina Luffey
IT Manager & Coach

Chantel is super smart and easy to work with. Whatever we worked on together, she made it better and brought ideas to the table that helped me to thrive in areas that I could not before. She has an awesome knowledge of technology and web design. I highly recommend Chantel to anyone who is ready to grow their business BIG! Thank you for all you do for me Chantel!

Here's What Happens Next:

  1. Once you click the 'Give Me A Tech Breakthrough Button', you'll be taken to a checkout page. You can select to pay with Paypal or you can select 'pay with debit or credit card'.

  2. When the payment is complete, you will be taken directly to a scheduling page where you will find a time that works best for you for your session. 

  3. Upon scheduling your session, you will be sent a confirmation email through calendly (a scheduling system) along with the zoom link that you will meet on. In that email and in the follow up reminders, there is a list of questions for you to answer and email back to ensure we make the most of our time together.

    I look forward to seeing you soon for our session.

Chantel Clear Background.png


If you have any last questions about the Tech Breakthrough Session, please reach out to me at

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